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Blind Between Glass

Facades & Exteriors

Offering Quality & Uniqueness for all Architectural Solutions

We take pride in our ability to translate your ideas and help you with customized designs reflecting your individual style. Whether yours is a residential unit or a multi-storey tower, we offer the most comprehensive line-up of products and services.


Alfa Metal brings to you its Premium Sliding and Hinged Units. Designed to cater noise, glare, moisture, heat while offering comfort, appeal, aesthetics, and reduced energy costs. Alfa Metal aluminium Doors and Window systems offer a universal modular system with a variety of design possibilities. It combines functional & innovative advantages in processing with architectural freedom for planners and owners.

Gliding Doors & Windows

Alfa Metal Gliding systems are a heavy-duty multi-track sliding series. Rooms bathed in light can be constructed simply and efficiently with Alfa Metal Gliding Systems.

Hinged Doors

Alfa Metal Aluminium hinged doors are ideal for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. Based on a strong door platform our hinged door suites deliver durability and style.

Swing Windows

Alfa Metal Swing Window systems combine functional and innovative advantages in processing with architectural freedom for planners and owners alike.

Blind Between Glass

CMECH BBG by technology comprises an aluminum frame with integrated blinds or shades sealed between insulated glass. They ensure maximum energy efficiency by giving you precise manual or electronic control over the heat and sunlight entering the room.

Superior Privacy & Sound Insulation

Blinds offer privacy and insulated glass provides excellent soundproofing and security.  Ideal for high-end offices, luxury residences, hotels etc.

Up to 40% Energy Savings

BBGs dramatically reduce HVAC costs and allows for easy adjustment of sunlight and heat entering the room. 

Long life

Electronic series can achieve more than 140,000 cycles and far above the highest industry standards of 30,000 cycles.


Unique elements for all architectural solutions, whatever the required performance and whatever the desired visual effect! Innovative products along with expert specification guidance and management experience, deliver aesthetically beautiful designs to reflect any architectural vision when selecting Curtain Wall Systems, Wall Cladding, Designer screens and other façade jobs.

Curtain Wall

Selection of modern and feature rich Curtain Wall Systems offering you design freedom coupled with excellent build quality, ensuring your facades aren’t lost in transition.

Aluminum Wall Cladding

Use Aluminum Composite Panels to breathe life into your buildings. Extensive selection of colors, textures and finishes to achieve limitless designs and creative challenges.

Louvers & Screens

Offering a diversified line up in Louvers and Screening for any type of application from sun shading to privacy, decoration, rain protection, fencing, railing, walkways, partitioning etc.

Designer Screens

Alfa Metal's specialized Router machine is able to custom design screens to your personal specifications or you can choose from one of our many latest in-house designs.